Foot bath Massager for Salons


Foot bath Massager for Salons

  • This amazing foot medspa bath is 3 in 1. Includes home heating function for a cozy foot health spa as well as soothes tiredness, calming bubbles that truly spoil member of the family’ feet. Additionally, intense vibrations to melt away anxiety. The bubbles reduce stress while providing a massage therapy. The 3 fuctions can work independently or at one time.
  • Establish your beneficial temperature (between 95 ℉ and 118 ℉/ 35 ℃ -48 ℃) when you begin the foot massager and also the medspa massager will certainly heat up the water approximately the setted temperature.
  • 4 detachable massaging rollers provide massage on your feet while as well as acu-nodes on the bottom well use stress to acupoints on the soles to properly revitalize you with added convenience.
  • The foot health facility is classy as well as sophisticated with clear layout. The ergonomic rundown well fits feet as well as helps stop water from spraying. As well as non-slip rubber footstands keep the stability of beauty parlor foot massager while in use. A tiny detachable instance is set in the massager inside which day spa products like bathroom epsom salts could be placed for a far better foot health spa equivalent to a genuine one, completely relaxing you as well as comforting your mind.
  • Excellent quality ensures your safety.

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