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Salon Equipment and Furniture Leasing

Instant approval and payment information based on the lease terms you choose.

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Our lease finance companies specialize in providing financing for salon owners. By applying online, you can determine immediately what line of credit you qualify for, and what your monthly payments could be. Applying is fast, easy, and convenient. Do NOT be discouraged if you have blemished or limited credit history.

6 great reasons TO FINANCE

CONSERVE CAPITAL and preserve your cash for other income producing investments.

100% FINANCING COVERAGE allows you to finance 100% of the cost of equipment including sales tax, license fees, freight, training, software, and in some cases soft goods.

LOW DOWN PAYMENT, requires minimal down‚payments or deposits vs. traditional financing that requires 10 to 20% down.

TAX ADVANTAGES Leasing provides great opportunities for tax benefits, more over conventional financing.
Depending on how you structure your transaction, you may have the ability to fully expense your lease payment. Please consult your tax accountant on the tax benefits leasing can provide you.

LESS RISK with leasing, the only collateral pledged is your equipment. Personal collateral (home, car, business, etc.) is NOT required.

EASY AND CONVENIENT Applying for financing is easy and convenient. For equipment under $25,000, just fill out a one page application. For applications above $75,000, please contact us by phone. Frequently, decisions can be made within hours.


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