Pedicure Salon Chair


Pedicure Salon Chair

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Whirlpool pedicure chair and all pedicure spas salon equipment from leading manufacturers such as Collins, European Touch, Kaemark, Pibbs Kayline, and Dina Meri can quick ship to your spa or nail salon within days. With 30 years of experience providing quality manicure pedicure equipment, as well as manicure and pedicure supplys, such as pedicure carts and chairs, Beauty Salon Equipment is your one stop call whether you are investigating which new whirlpool pedicure chair best fits your design concept and budget, or are just looking for a good and knowledgeable source for manicure and pedicure supplies!

whirlpool pedicure chair is a must for any day spa, hair salon, or nail salon. Pedicures presently represent the sixth most popular service offered at all day spas throughout the U.S. Both men and women now have more financial resources and an interest in improving their lifestyles with the pampering and thoroughly relaxing deep cleaning that a professional pedicure provides. For those that may have doubts that men and pedicures go together, Spa Finder magazine reports that men now make up more than twenty percent of day spa clients, and that number is steadily on the rise!

Men gain more confidence and an enhanced sense of well-being and personal satisfaction by taking excellent care of themselves, and pedicures, facials, a variety of massages of all types, and manicures are now common and popular services for men.

Pedicure spas salon equipment is essential and can be a great revenue generator even in times of economic downturns or recessions, as manicure and pedicure treatments, which require top quality manicure and pedicure supplys, are among the biggest growing segments in the entire beauty salon industry. Currently forty five percent of US salons offer pedicure services and as a result many owners and operators are now purchasing additional spas from the experts at Beauty Salon Equipment, in addition to new hair salon, barber salon, and day spa initial orders.

No matter what space configuration, wiring, or plumbing issues are involved or encountered, Beauty Salon Equipment can recommend the right pedicure chair and manicure pedicure equipment for your establishment following a thorough phone consultation with our friendly, experienced, and professional staff. We offer portable whirlpool pedicure spas for salons or spas without plumbing, and where space is a consideration, as well as full sized units that simply feature a lift out footbath container.

For the ultimate in pedicure luxury and client pampering we offer top of the line products from European Spa, Collins, and Kaemark that are ergonomically correct and offer the full range of amenities discerning clients expect, such as recline, heat and body massage, accessory trays for reading materials, CD players specially constructed for durability, auto filling and heating in the foot basin, and most importantly uncompromised cleaning standards that are automated, in addition to several pipe free designs.


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