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Retail display furniture can account for 25% of salon or spa revenues. Retail display fixtures and retail displays of all types to coordinate with beauty salon equipment and furniture are essential to help products move so that your salon profits.

 Retail display furniture manufacturers of salon furnishings are learning from mass consumer store winning merchandising techniques, and are encouraging salon and spa owners to redesign their retail areas with more retail display racks to greatly boost sales!

Beauty salon equipment and furniture can convey the high level of expertise and the quality of services your establishment offers, and retail display racks, retail display fixtures, and innovative retail displays of all types, not only convey this message, but also create an atmosphere that present products effectively to increase your salon and stylists’ revenues.

Modern merchandising concepts follow a simple formula to boost retail sales. Showcase products on interactive retail display racks that coordinate with all other beauty salon equiptment and furniture, and make these enticingly viewable from the outside of the salon or spa, with at least one eye catching window display. 

Retail display fixtures are recommended over traditional reception area seating chairs, and clients need to pass by these interactive retail displays to reach the reception desk upon arrival.

Instead of having customers wait in comfortable reception chairs reading magazines, position a variety of retail display racksretail display fixtures, and retail displays at a variety of heights in stations with signage.  Clients can test products and find information about promotions that communicate savings and value.

To encourage testing of products, experts recommend placement of high revenue earning products at heights between 22 and 66 inches, thus providing easy accessibility for the average American woman, whose height is between 5 foot four inches and 5 foot 6 inches. By placing the products you want women to buy at the height of the average woman’s torso, clients can easily see them and touch them. Remember to rearrange shelves periodically, so that customers see something new when they come to your salon or spa. Top sellers already have a following, so increasing the visibility of special promotions by cleverly positioning them on attractive shelving can increase sales.

Fixtures need to be of highest chip resistant materials, as fixtures that appear cheaply made will devalue your products. Good lighting is key, as is having plenty of products on the shelves. By showcasing an abundance of products, you ensure that people will pick them up, and not just mistake them for samples. Having shelves full of merchandise communicates to customers that these items are there for them to purchase. It’s a time-tested technique that grocery and mass merchandise stores have learned-you need to show more to sell more! Carefully allot the greatest amount of shelf space to brands that represent the greatest percentage of sales-if they are given more display area they can generate greater revenues. Ensure that pricing is clear and easily located, as many customers hesitate to ask for pricing.

Something as simple as having plenty of mirrors in the retail area can also increase sales. Clients expect mirrors in a salon and it’s human nature to love to look at yourself, plus mirrors brighten up areas and offer a feeling of spaciousness and light.

The goal is to serve clients better by providing them with the best products in a comfortable environment that encourages buying in a low pressure environment. By following these recommendations, salon owners and stylists enhance the client’s overall experience, create trust and loyalty, and improve earnings.


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