Salon Faucet


Salon Faucet

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The Takara Belmont Marble Products #550 “Dial-Flo” faucet is a single control faucet that allows users to easily dial the temperature desired, left for HOT, right for COLD. Operators can turn water on or off without resetting. The #550 “Dial-Flo” has only one moving part. Model #550 “Dial-Flo” faucet is perfect for use with the MPC #1735 “Sof-Flo” II Shampoo Spray. Note the style has changed from the acrylic crystal ball top, as this item discontinued. Replaced by the new style.

The Takara Belmont Marble Products #550 “Dial-Flo” Faucet is the standard for fixtures on shampoo bowls, offering durable construction and beauty.


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