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Salon Styling Chairs

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Wholesale styling chairs and other discounted salon furniture can quick ship to your salon, spa, or barbershop within days! You get offer discount shampoo chairs, contemporary hair styling chairs, all types of hydraulic chair stations in a styling salon models and options from top manufacturers such as Collins, Kaemark, Pibbs, Belvedere, Takara Belmont, Paragon, and more.

Wholesale styling chairs and affordable discount shampoo chairs in latest trend forward designs, or classic colors and styles, can communicate your unique design concept and the high levels of service that your beauty establishment offers to clients and top stylists. Our wholesale styling chairs can literally speak volumes to current and potential clients and employees, just as lighting, work station design, walls, floors and storage cabinetry salon furniture do.

Hydraulic chair stations in a styling salon may be a ubiquitous item, however if the only reason one might deem your décor as retro is that your styling salon chairs are over 10 years old, your establishment is rightfully deemed as outdated and behind the times. Ours is a visual society, and first impressions and appearances do count! 

Contemporary hair styling chairs, whether they feature cutting edge Italian design, or classic and timeless updated colors and forms, reassure your clients that your staff is up to date with the latest hair cutting, coloring, and styling trends.

Just as in the apparel and home design industries, hair salon furniture trends do cycle, however these trends are never exactly as they were before. There is always a slight design or color variant. Styling salon chairs at affordable prices from top manufacturers are available for shipment within days when you call the experts at Beauty Salon Equipment. We also offer discount shampoo chairs , which coordinate with all hydraulic chair stations in a styling salon looks, to update your color palate and overall style.

If your styling salon chairs or other salon furniture items are dented, torn, scuffed, or less than perfectly clean, the impression that your staff is slovenly and unmotivated is given. It follows that no matter what care was given to ensure proper lighting for your stylists, this same lighting will only illuminate any shoddy hydraulic hair stations in a styling salon setting, rather than showcasing impressive contemporary hair styling chairs that are not only functional, but also provide a salon with personality.

The experts at Beauty Salon Equipment have over 30 years in the beauty supply industry, and our friendly staff is available to help you choose the appropriate salon furniture to communicate your unique personality. We can advise you as to how to choose a theme and order appropriately, all at affordable discounted salon furniture pricing. Whether you are looking to purchase a total salon package, or are just looking to choose a few key pieces, such as contemporary hair styling chairs , we can help you express the identity of your salon.

Investments in new hair salon furniture can generate new revenue streams by enabling your staff to offer new services that may well attract new customers. Many clients report that their numbers substantially improve after adding just a few new salon furnishings and services-it shows that you are providing something new and fresh!

Focusing on the latest technology and trends, Beauty Salon Equipment offers a complete line of equipment and supplies for spa services such as facial ultrasonic equipment, magnifying lamps beauty supplies, all of the budget facial equipment, such as facial steamers and the popular woods lamp, that your customers expect if you expand into spa services, as well as traditional hair salon services.


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